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by Zosia Czarnecka

Consider Telus, Bioware, and the Food Bank. While you’ve definitely heard of these three companies, you might not know that they all started right here in Edmonton. Our city is home to world-leading companies, research institutes and two renowned universities. With a growing Startup scene downtown, Edmonton is quickly earning its spot on the map as a tech and entrepreneurial hub. Unfortunately, this innovation is spotted and isolated to core downtown neighbourhoods and educational institutions. There’s a growing disconnect between entrepreneurs, dreamers and creators who are all hungering for conversations and events to inspire their ideas.

That’s why the Cappsule Tribe was created – a grassroots conference put on by millennials, for millennials. On May 27th, Canada’s northernmost metropolitan city will host some of the world’s top influencers to celebrate enlightened thinking and inspire you to carry on the torch of innovation. This inaugural event will be more than a conference – it will be a day of intimate talks, workshops, meditation, and partying. Opportunities to network, collaborate, build relationships and bounce ideas off one another intertwined with a fashion show, mass meditation, and dancing. By the end of it, you’ll walk away empowered to build the next generation of world-conquering companies.

The Tribe is proud to welcome an incredible panel of speakers for the day including:

Emma Sinclair:

CEO at Enterprise Jungle and the youngest person in the UK to take a company public

Kyle Vucko:

Co-founder of INDOCHINO, world-famous men’s clothing company

Anthony Frasier:

Co-founder of Koalition (online video-game publication) and author of the critically acclaimed “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness: Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Thinking and Being Great”

Robin Maxumder:

Vanier Scholar and PhD Candidate investigating how urban design impacts mental health

Mandy Trapp:

Founder of Lifestyle Meditation – meditation blending science and philosophy with the roots of yoga

For the full list of speakers and ticket information, be sure to check out the conference’s website:

Behind-the-scenes: Cappsule

Cappsule is a social recommendation engine that allows users to share their city with others through video content. Our mobile application involves sharing “friend-sourced” video recommendations to empower a community through experiences.

Banner illustration courtesy of Cappsule.

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