BSA and SU: On the Mend | By Emerson Csorba

Following years of rocky ups and downs, it seems that the Business Students’ Association and the Students’ Union are finally putting the pieces of their relationship together. In late 2011 and the early portion of the 2012, the BSA and SU were in close contact with each other when a business student made off with approximately $27,000 from the BSA budget. Here is an excerpt from Colten Yamagishi’s report to Students’ Council, for the August 14 meeting at 6:00 pm:

I went for dinner with the BSA President Jessa Aco last night to discuss our organizational goals for the year and to brainstorm ways that we can work together. It was mentioned by Jessa that the SU and BSA traditionally have not had the best relationship but that she is very committed to working with [the SU] to improve our relations. I was very impressed with the BSA’s plans and they seem to have a very strong executive team! I look forward to working with them closely this year.

Colten is a Marketing major from the School of Business. Jessa Aco, in addition to serving as the BSA President, is a member of the recently-established Network of Empowered Women (NEW) at the University of Alberta. They are both in their second-to-last year of school, and earlier last week sat down at the Sugarbowl to discuss the year ahead. In an e-mail interview, Colten added, “The BSA have an incredible team and strong leadership with Jessa in command.  As both the SU President and as a business student, I am extremely excited to build on this great partnership to see what great things we can achieve!” Moreover, Jessa stated, “Strengthening ties with the SU has been one of our executive’s goals this year. And I’m so happy to see a sincere desire to do this from both SU and BSA Councils. I hope we can keep the momentum going!” This momentum will continue into the Students’ Union Orientation, where the BSA will participate for the first time in recent years.

On a related note, SU Vice-President Academic Dustin Chelen has created a Faculty Association Task Force, which according to his report for the August 14 meeting of Students’ Council, includes Business Associate Dean Dr. Elaine Geddes on its membership. This may be another indication that the SU and BSA are working together more closely than in the past.

Indeed, it seems that the fall semester will bring renewed collaboration between the BSA and Students’ Union.


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  • Sam

    Ok so Jessa and Colten went out on a date to Sugarbowl… Is this really worth a blog post? There is nothing concrete in this entire article.. people have been talking about an improved relationship between the BSA and SU for years. Spend less time writing articles pumping each others egos and more time focusing on the task at hand.

  • Darryl

    Wait, what exactly is the point of this article? In what ways have they not seen eye to eye in the past? What are they doing to change this? How is this going to affect me as a student? What is this Faculty Association Task Force meant to accomplish and how does it signal cooperation between the SU and BSA?

    There a ton of words on this page, but not a whole heck of a lot is actually said. I’m not a writer, but this article frustrated me.