Burrito Libre Leaps to HUB | The Wanderer Eats

The HUB Residence on campus is chalk full of great places to grab lunch with friends or a tasty meal on the way to morning class. As you stroll down the seemingly endless building, there’ll be dozens of food vendors that catch your eye, each of which is worth your time at some point during the semester.

However, as of late August 2012, there is a new restaurant in HUB, expanding from its location on 112 street, just next to Good Earth and Rodeo Burger. Yes, Burrito Libre has made its way to HUB, and it’s definitely worth your time. As of September 2 2012, the Burrito Libre – U of A page on Facebook has 232 likes; the general Burrito Libre page boasts  670. The significant tallies of likes is probably indicative of two things: a) the free wraps offered to students on specific promotional days throughout the year and b) the fact that the wraps are packed thick with meats, veggies, sauce and whatever else you need for a filling and relatively low-cost meal.

Next time you’re in the rush and looking for an energizing and cheap meal, we recommend the $5.99 that will buy you a meal to last the whole day.

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