‘Burrow’ing Into The Delights of the Underground | By Anna Peacocke

A recent development in underground Edmonton is the aptly named Burrow, a new java stop for LRT commuters. Approaching the escalators from the west concourse in Central station is recommended for anyone who wishes to start their day with a satisfying cup of Four Barrel coffee.

A daily dose of wisdom for the LRT commuters.
This little owl provides a daily dose of wisdom for LRT commuters.

A new-found niche of the Edmonton bean scene, this coffee shop brings convenient, friendly service and a dynamic menu to the front: a list of delectable on-the-go dishes that changes weekly. Our beloved capital city is now on the map of underground provisions, a contender among other metropoli of the world. Although our underground transit system is a little behind the other cities who champion this category (Paris, London, etc.), YEG’s coffee shop game is on point. Burrow is yet another addition to Edmonton’s booming café industry which also boasts such names as District Coffee Co., Leva, Da Capo, and Transcend, just to name a few. Burrow is one of the many independent businesses contributing to the development of this city’s identity, one that adds flair to an otherwise uneventful commute to work or school.

Aside from delicious provisions, Burrow also has brewing products for sale. Included are the Aeropress and Chemex coffeemakers, electric and hand grinders, an electric kettle. And not to mention the bags of whole bean Four Barrel coffee, which would be a lovely addition to any coffee lover’s personal collection.

Burrow’s Lentil and Roasted Cauliflower Salad: the definition of ‘om nom nom’.

My recent visit involved delving into the divine domain of the daily menus of grub and espresso (some people would simply call this lunch) and my Wednesday was all the better for it. To nourish the belly, I chose the lentil salad. Laying on a luscious bed of arugula is roasted cauliflower, chopped to bite-sized perfection, complimented by feta, oregano and dried cranberries. This concoction is dressed to the nines with an elegant olive oil drizzle, giving the salad just the right amount of zing while keeping the oily mess at bay. The flavours are nicely balanced, although, at times, the cauliflower-oregano combo truly triumphs the taste buds. Equally ambrosial as it is filling, the lentils will beat out hunger for the rest of the day. For those only seeking to quench their thirst, the quality of the Americano I had is undoubtedly an indication that the rest of their coffee-based beverages are definitely worth a stop.

Perhaps accompanying the recently acquired energy is a side of wisdom provided by our friend the owl stamped on the side of the cup; I swear he winked at me once or twice. I highly recommend you pay a visit to the Burrow. Your day will be better having done so.


Photography courtesy of Wanderer Online Photographer and Writer Anna Peacocke.

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