Caity Buckell: go big or go home!

There are lots of people who have done great work in developing and promoting community, but do we ever stop to think about how these communities were actually brought together in the first place?  Caity Buckell had a dream of uniting U of A student-athletes and made it a reality through her endless work with the University Athletics Board (UAB).

Caity (23) stands out among her peers not because she wants to but because it would be impossible not to recognize such a passionate, driven woman.  The fact that she is a 6’2 Pandas volleyball player probably doesn’t hurt either!  Her time off the court has been dedicated to organizations such as KidSport Edmonton, United Way, Youth Emergency Shelter Society, Tobacco Free Kids, as well as Camp Health, Hope and Happiness (a camp for individuals with disabilities).

Already a star in the community and on the court, Caity has supplemented all of this by graduating from the U of A with a BPE degree with distinction.  Talk about a triple threat!  This passion for sport and active living has led her to pursue a position as a Games Team Lead for the 2013 Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games in Calgary.

Caity is a role model in every aspect of her life.  All of us should take a page out of her book and learn to pursue the things we love without reservation. Go big or go home!

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