Calgary can Brave the Cold, but can UBC and Trinity Western? Canada West Playoffs are Here | The Wanderer Sports

It’s hard to believe that the Canada West soccer post-season is here. September and October are in the books, and November is looking down at us. Thankfully for the Golden Bears soccer team, they secured home-field advantage for the post-season, and a hugely-important bye into the semi-finals round of play. Still, their next game is do-or-die, against either Calgary or UBC. Today features two quarters games, with Victoria playing Saskatchewan and Calgary facing off against Trinity Western. In both games, the British Columbian sides are probably the better team on paper, but the question is, can these guys withstand the -5 degrees Celsius cold?

Chances are both teams in each game will forget about the cold within the starting ten minutes of the match (ADRENALINE), but we might see some teams wishing that they’d been more like Omarion and had an “ice box where [their] heart used to be.” That way, they could just store all the powdery snow in a cooler, keeping their cardiovascular system nice and fresh and the soccer field pristine and dry. Not gonna happen, though.



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