Campus Cup is Done, and Damn There Were a LOT of Teams | The Wanderer Events

A whopping 55 teams of 15 students each participated in the annual Campus Cup, which took place this past weekend. In former editions of the university-wide dodgeball tournament, all teams were meshed together in one giant league, but this year’s structure was different. Campus Cup organizers split the event into two leagues, competitive and recreational, the former of which was made up mostly of Lister Hall teams. (In case you don’t know, Lister plays with a dodgeball strategy that allows them to annihilate even the most talented of non-Lister squads.)

In the competitive league, the Lister-based Monstars won, following a dominant 4-0 record and a narrow victory in the finals, with only two players remaining on its side during the final game. The SU’s Vice-President Student Life, Saadiq Sumar, harkened back to his Lister Hall days by suiting up for the highly-ranked Scared Shrekless team, which made its way to the semi-finals before running out of steam.

The Campus Cup has come quite far in its four years of existence, transforming considerably from the four-division format it employed back in 2010. During 2010, the first year of play, there were four distinct divisions: Lister, Campus Recreation, Campus Saint-Jean and a general open division for cupcake teams like Students’ Council and the University of Alberta Registrar’s Office. What happened is that the cupcake division winner was over-matched, Campus Recreation was decent, Campus Saint-Jean was good, and Lister was godly. With the 2012 format, the playoff round is quite compelling.

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