Canada’s Best in Public Health? School of Public Health is Looking Fit | The Wanderer Politics

The U of A’s School of Public Health now has international accreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health.¬†With accreditation, the U of A is now the FIRST university in Canada to earn a spot in the Council on Education for Public Health. The U of A is ahead of McGill, UBC, Toronto and the many other excellent post-secondary institutions in Canada. Not bad.

This is a smart political move for the U of A, as they position themselves as one of the most valuable health research universities in Canada. What this does is potentially attract high-calibre graduate students to the U of A, in addition to some excellent professors. Moreover, the accreditation of the School of Public Heath comes at a good time, with Alberta still struggling to improve its health care system. With the U of A always looking for increased base operating funding from the provincial government, this is yet another reason to say, “Here is why we should receive a 5 or 6 percent increase from year to year in our provincial funding.” As time moves on and Alberta’s population grows older and older, it will be interesting to see how the School of Public Health evolves.

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