Carol McBee: Founder, Bossy Mama Inc.

Serial Entrepreneur, sorority girl, lead-foot and passionate philanthropist, Carol McBee returned back to Edmonton from Texas in 2005 with her BComm in hand, ready to start her own business. Canadian Houses, a virtual tour and photography company was launched in Edmonton in 2006 after seeing a need for more online real estate marketing. Shortly thereafter, Carol returned to the corporate world and worked for the makers of COLD-fX as their Corporate Programs and Special Projects Manager for three years before having her first daughter.

Immediately after the birth of Madelyn, Carol decided that it was time to focus on all things entrepreneurial, full-time. In June 2010, Canadian Houses was sold to a U of A Business student so that she could focus on two new businesses: Mommy Connections Inc. and Bossy Mama Inc. Mommy Connections offers 3 types of programming, Mom to Be, Mom & Baby and Mom & Tot classes in more than 24 cities across Canada. Bossy Mama operates the WECAN business network for entrepreneurial women with several hundred members, and also runs several large- scale events per year such as the Flaunt tradeshow and the iMedia Social Media Conference.  Carol has a passion for connecting women, whether it be new moms or entrepreneurial women. Follow Carol at @thebossymama and @mommyconnection for all things connected with auto reviews and car passion sprinkled in for good measure!



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