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Another week, another look back at the happenings in the sports world. With the Olympics over, it seems that every non-Olympic sport is finally being covered again. This week, the Big Leagues have seen a top player test positive for testosterone, Olympians return home to warm receptions – in some countries – and the English Premier League is set to begin.


It’s always a bit depressing to see a pro athlete test positive for a performance-enhancing drug. This week, Melky Cabrera, the MVP of the 2012 All-Star Game and a red-hot outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, tested positive for testosterone, which means that his season is over. He might be able to don a Giants uniform later this year, provided that his squad makes it to the second round of the post-season. However, his loss comes as a major blow to a team entrenched in a back-and-forth divisional race.

Another highlight from the week is Felix Hernandez, who threw a perfect game versus the Tampa Bay Rays. Twenty-seven up, twenty-seven down. Hernandez, or “King Felix,” is one of baseball’s best pitchers, but he sometimes flies under the radar, because the Mariners are consistently a basement-dwelling team.

As the season hits the stretch run, there are some mouth-watering battles between teams: Oakland and Los Angeles for the AL Wild Card, not to mention Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago (Sox) and Tampa Bay. On the National League side, Atlanta is hot on the heels of Washington, the Dodgers and Giants are neck-and-neck in their division, and St. Louis is locked with Pittsburgh. All of these teams are within games of the two coveted wild card sports.


The Bears and Pandas Tennis Program captured silver in CIS Nationals, dispatching of UBC and Western before a close loss to defending champions Montreal. Last year, the team also captured silver. More to come through in-depth articles and interviews next week on The Wanderer Online.


The regular season begins this morning, and there are plenty of headlines for the rabid English press. Arsenal has seen its top striker move to Manchester United, following the addition of an impressive trio of attackers: Cazorla of Spain, Giroud of France and Podolski of Germany. Fulham and Liverpool aren’t the best of friends, this week, following some squabbles over the rumored transfer of Clint Dempsey, an American-born playmaker.

Though it was a friendly, the United States finally dispatched of Mexico on their home turn, the Azteca. This is the first time that the States have won in Mexico in seventy-five years. (No, this doesn’t fall under EPL coverage, but it is still quite the novel story.)


The round robin play has concluded in Edmonton, and the semi-finals qualifiers are not surprising. Canada will play the USA in one game, with Japan taking on Australia in the other match-up. Canada is an impressive 6-0, and now only needs two wins to become world champions.


On Sunday morning, thousands of Edmontonians will take to Jasper Avenue, running in the annual Edmonton Derby Marathon. Last year’s victor clocked in at 2:20, a phenomenal pace that many elite runners cannot even attain. The race kicks off at 7:30 am on Sunday.

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