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Every week, The Wanderer Online brings you a short recap of the week’s major sports happenings. For this mid-August week, MLB teams are moving into the stretch run, Augusta is making headlines for its long-overdue invitations to women, and Lance Armstrong has conceded his fight against doping claims.


On August 23 2012, Lance Armstrong stated that he will no longer fight doping claims, which the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) views as a concession that the seven-time Tour de France winner did in fact dope and/or use performance-enhancing drugs. Through various media outlets, such as the Associated Press, Armstrong indicates that he has simply spent too much time fighting unfounded doping allegations. However, Travis Tygart, the USADA CEO, believes that Armstrong is acknowledging having cheated.

Thus, Armstrong will lose all of his Tour de France titles and will be banned from the sport for life.


It’s about time. One of the world’s most prestigious golf clubs, Augusta National, has admitted women to join. Earlier this week, Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore were invited to join the male-dominated club. Though the announcement shakes the patriarchy from the sport of golf, we aren’t seeing any significant cracks in the structure, just yet. There are approximately 300 members in the club, so two is only a beginning.


In a stunning English Premier League opener, Everton outlasted Manchester United, scoring on a second-half header. After moving ahead 1-0. the gritty squad clamped down on the defensive side, even making a goal-line block on a tenacious Man U attack.

Other EPL action saw Arsenal draw 0-0 in their first regular season match sans Robbie van Persie. Moreover, the midfielder Alex Song has departed London for the tiki-taka play of Barca.

On that note, the first round of the Clasico goes to Barcelona, which ousted Real Madrid by a scoreline of 3-2. The game was played at Camp Nou as part of the Super Cup.


On a scorching Edmonton day, Ryan Day of Cache Creek, B.C. sped his way to an Edmonton Marathon win. Also known as the Intact Canadian Derby Marathon, the race began at 7:30, allowing the near-600 runners to beat the heat. At least for the first few hours. Day would finish in a time of 2:36, edging 2010 winner and 2:38 runner, Brendan Lunty.


The Seattle Mariners have, to the surprise of probably everyone, dominated without Ichiro. The AL West squad is still a considerable distance from one of two AL Wild Card spots, but its overall record now sits at 61-64, and they are slowly inching toward the Angels and Athletics.

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