Chris’s Reading List, Vol. 1

by Chris Berger Roughly one year ago, a friend asked me what I read in a year. This got me thinking that it might be fun to keep track, so despite my typical aversion to New Year’s resolutions, I decided to start keeping a monthly record last January. This never went past updating a list on my laptop and posting a picture of my literary … Continue reading Chris’s Reading List, Vol. 1

Before It Was A Needle

by Katherine Abbass Once Molly had explained to me her ancestry, things started making more sense. I knew there were freshwater leeches and saltwater leeches and that they, unlike snakes, really were slimy to the touch. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor, of course; medical history tells us that leeches were used to extract blood from patients. The sensation isn’t even too bad. … Continue reading Before It Was A Needle

What’s in the News?

by Christopher Berger Like it or not, we’re faced with the need to curate our sources of information. In one sense, we are blessed with innumerable, easily accessed media for news. But as anyone who has spent any time online will know, an overwhelming majority of it is, frankly, garbage. We are therefore compelled to be selective. Twitter and Facebook are good cases in point … Continue reading What’s in the News?

The New Brown America (Playing Your Cards and Taking Your Seat)

by Srosh Hassan Hasan Minhaj had me struggling to find the right words. The Daily Show’s iconic comic tells an incredibly well-woven story about being a Muslim in America in his newest Netflix Comedy Special, Homecoming King. With unbelievable humor, he walks us through his childhood, growing up in a South Asian home, cleverly integrating the subject of racism, and what it means to play … Continue reading The New Brown America (Playing Your Cards and Taking Your Seat)

Canadian Modernity and Its Discontents

by Christopher Berger George Grant’s Lament for a Nation remains a seminal treatment of the state of the Canadian national identity more than four and a half decades after its initial publication. Perhaps even timelier now in the twenty-first century in light of events following its first appearance, Grant’s book addresses the highly controversial and divisive issue of Canadian nationalism in an age in which … Continue reading Canadian Modernity and Its Discontents

Debating Canada – A Reading List for Canada’s 150th

by Chris Berger This year, 2017, marks the sesquicentennial of Canada’s founding. With Canada Day upon us, you’re probably busy planning weekend camping trips and backyard barbecues. Me being me, however, I’m using the occasion to fill any time not spent prepping for the aforementioned parties with my nose buried in books about the birth of Canada and its continuing trials and debates. Perhaps now … Continue reading Debating Canada – A Reading List for Canada’s 150th