Funding Basic Science: A Leap of Faith

by Sydney Hampshire “Ipsa scientia potestas est.” Knowledge itself is power. Science loves Latin for naming. Organisms, anatomy, and phenomena across the disciplines use Latin and Latin, it seems, has an innate tendency towards poetry. “Knowledge itself is power” directs us towards the need for basic science – because basic scientific principles inform our understanding of everything else around us. Unfortunately, in recent years, scientific … Continue reading Funding Basic Science: A Leap of Faith

01.21.17 Women's March

Why I’m Angry About the Women’s March

by Sanaa Humayun Edmonton’s Women’s march left me with mixed feelings. I’ve tried to write this article a hundred times, I’ve procrastinated and made excuses, I’ve found myself absolutely incapable of coherently explaining this mix of pride and anger I feel in my heart. When I think of what’s happening, my heart pounds faster – my palms become sweaty and I realize, more than anything, … Continue reading Why I’m Angry About the Women’s March

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by Jessica Barratt People have this funny habit of asking me where I’m going. I’m not really sure what it is about me that causes them to ask, but my answer’s always the same. “In circles” I tell them. Sometimes I wonder why they ask. I’m sure I’ve considered every angle. Perhaps it’s the over-size backpack I am always carrying. Maybe it’s because I’m always … Continue reading Loops

FILE - This is a Aug. 27, 1941  file photo of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he gives his famous " V for Victory Salute" . Churchill Britain's famous World War II prime minister died fifty years ago on January 24 1965. (AP Photo, File)

No Country for Statesmen

by Chris Berger A professor for whom I worked as a teaching assistant a number of years ago, a fascinating and intellectually generous man in his own right, had the good fortune of studying under the guidance of Leo Strauss, the (in)famous historian of political philosophy, in his twilight years at the University of Chicago in the sixties. Given my own interests and proclivities, I … Continue reading No Country for Statesmen

online activism in regards to feminism and social justice-01 (1)

Why Online Activism is Important For Social Justice

by Sareeta Lopez Lately, I’ve felt I’m not really doing anything to support feminism and other important social justice causes. Most of what I do is online; sharing articles, writing my own, discussing ideas on Twitter and Facebook, and engaging in discussions in the comments of my blog. For obvious reasons, I avoid conflict in YouTube or Facebook comment sections. I’m not out picketing anything, defending a sacred place, or lobbying for changes in … Continue reading Why Online Activism is Important For Social Justice


Splitting Infinitives, or Splitting Hairs?

by Chris Berger I have a confession to make: I am a grammar stickler. Or at least, I try to be (I am probably too absentminded, and therefore too sloppy, for it to be a genuine obsession, though I come close). My friends’ and colleagues’ annoyance notwithstanding, however, it is an affliction I have come to live with and even embrace. It was not always … Continue reading Splitting Infinitives, or Splitting Hairs?


Get the Hell Outta Edmonton

by Zosia Czarnecka With the new year, you’ll inevitably hear people’s bold resolutions to change their lifestyles, alter their perspectives, revolutionize their careers, and get one step closer to world domination – this will be THE year! If we were all successful in our intentions each year, we’d live in a perfect world. Unfortunately, the majority of us are doomed to fall short of our goals … Continue reading Get the Hell Outta Edmonton


Reinventing Ourselves

by Jasper Salinana Two years ago, I attended a JCI (Junior Chamber International) regional conference here in Edmonton where our discussions revolved around leadership and engaging in the community. One of the ‘big’ issues we discussed was mental heath which, at the time, I did not know very much about. After the conference, I  thought of ways we could potentially address mental health issues in Edmonton. I started … Continue reading Reinventing Ourselves