Two Italians Hunt for the Tastiest Bug

by Claudio La Rocca & Silvia Ronzani If you grow up in Italy, food is a central part of your life. For an Italian, food is almost a religious matter, every dish the revered sum of history, culture and tradition. So what made us, two Italian grad students, decide to put bugs on everyone’s plate? One day, one of our lab mates brought some dried … Continue reading Two Italians Hunt for the Tastiest Bug

Bringing You International Inspiration

by Zosia Czarnecka Consider Telus, Bioware, and the Food Bank. While you’ve definitely heard of these three companies, you might not know that they all started right here in Edmonton. Our city is home to world-leading companies, research institutes and two renowned universities. With a growing Startup scene downtown, Edmonton is quickly earning its spot on the map as a tech and entrepreneurial hub. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Bringing You International Inspiration

The Women’s Movement Marches On

by Monika Viktorova Photography courtesy of Lindsey Catherine Photo + Media. A Multi-Million March On January 21, 2017, a historic Women’s March on Washington turned out crowds, by some estimates, three times that of the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States the day prior. Over 3.3 million people marched in the US alone, with estimates up to four million globally.  Hundreds of sister … Continue reading The Women’s Movement Marches On

The Outliner: A Beginner’s Guide to Abstraction (Review)

by Monika Viktorova Mascall Dance’s The Outliner, a performance comprising eight movements, transports us on an immersive, ethereal and, at times, incongruous journey. The dancers, sets, music and costume-prop hybrids combine to tell stories of metamorphosis, of change, of temporality, and of legacy. The first disclaimer for this review is that dance is evocative in a way that is incompletely captured by language. The second … Continue reading The Outliner: A Beginner’s Guide to Abstraction (Review)

Struggling for Recognition

by Neil Van Horne Finding meaningful work in Canada is especially challenging for refugees As of 2013, more than four in five Canadians believed multiculturalism was a collectively shared value, according to Statistics Canada. It is seen as part of the fabric of our Canadian identity. But it is all too familiar to meet an immigrant who is working well below what their capabilities are … Continue reading Struggling for Recognition

50 MORE First Dates … in #YEG

by Zosia Czarnecka & Sanaa Humayun Three years ago, one of our former Editors-in-Chief, Blue Knox, published a fantastic list of 50(ish) First Dates in Edmonton. The list has grown so popular over the years that we’ve decided to create a follow up list of 50 more dates! Most of these are focused on winter activities … but we’ve thrown in a few of our … Continue reading 50 MORE First Dates … in #YEG

Welcome Back to The Wanderer!

by Zosia Czarnecka I am incredibly excited to introduce you to our new team, and our new format. To mark our fifth year anniversary, we have revolutionized the magazine, restructured our team, changed our layout, and revised our vision. We are excited to bring back the original vision of The Wanderer: the voice of young adults in Edmonton. For months, I have dreamed of transforming … Continue reading Welcome Back to The Wanderer!