Catherine Broomfield: Executive Director iHuman Youth Society

As executive director of iHuman Youth Society, Catherine has created a partnership model, and both enhanced awareness and advocacy within the social services sector that is driving social innovation across municipal, provincial and federal government as well as with fortune 500 companies, university students, volunteers and interns. She is an important part of the solution to end poverty in Alberta via the identification of the causes and front line solutions that are required – such as youth led mentorship’s within challenged communities and the championing of unique qualities that youth have to address societal problems.

Catherine’s contribution to community is that she is a steward of family and trust. Her hope is to inspire and guide the creation of a permanent safe space for Edmonton’s most vulnerable youth. She does this with a deep sense of integrity to connect with all people in an authentic way.

All of her interactions stem from a core of respect for humanity, truth and spirit.  she is a strong collaborator helping others realize their own potential, finding their definition of happiness. She has created a vision that sets a tone of empowerment that encourages group members, including youth, to be actively involved and ensure that everyone has a clearly defined role and purpose.

The authentic culture she has created and promotes at iHuman is one of acceptance, openness and a genuine willingness to support youth. The focus is to offer youth opportunities to meet with iHuman professional staff and other social agency personnel as required, to engage in harm reduction activities, and participate in arts-related activities that foster positive self-worth and encourage reintegration into the community.

As a result of Catherine’s business developments efforts during the past three years – iHuman has developed a working relationship with over 35 community and corporate partners as well as over 125 committed volunteers.

iHuman’s partnerships include but are not limited to the following organizations: City of Edmonton, Telus, Edmonton Community Board, EPCOR Community Essentials Council, E4C, Edmonton Community Foundation, Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services Authority, Region 6, Edmonton’s Food Bank, Youth Criminal Defense Office, Terra Centre and REACH Edmonton.

iHuman is also partnered with university-based researchers, strategically positioned community-based workers and youth at risk in a collaborative research projects which include the University of Alberta, Harvard University, CS High Risk Unit, Criminal Defense Office and The City of Edmonton.


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