Cathy Zoleta: High Five Girl

Chances are, if you’ve been involved with anything related to campus life in the last few years, you will recognize standout volunteer, Cathy Zoleta. Most known for being the High Five Girl who has frequented the past four years of Orientation. Her positive sprit and leadership have had impact in a number of campus communities.

Her involvement ranges from being active in Campus Rec to being a founding member of the 2012 Antifreeze champion and repeat powerhouse legacy team, Campus Badassadors. Related to the previous pun, Cathy was a Campus Ambassador Coordinator for the Students’ Union and helped lay the groundwork for the program’s successful transition to U of A Campus Visits, now run out of the Registrar’s Office.

Cathy currently sits on the University Senate where her work on the USchool program helps provide inspiration to children from inner city schools. Cathy’s humble and quiet leadership has given her access to numerous pools of students, a resource she has not used to egotistically further herself. Cathy is the embodiment of the UAlberta spirit that she has worked so hard to promulgate.

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