Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence Part 3 with Sian Ford | By Sydney Rudko

As part of the Undergraduate Research Symposium being held today in CCIS, I interviewed three of the participants of the Symposium about their research. If you haven’t stopped by the Symposium yet, there is still time: posters are on display until 3:30.  This is the third and final interview from Sian Ford!

1. Why was your project important?

My project was important because it was a step forward in understanding the mechanisms behind the cycle of life and death of algal blooms. This has tremendous impact on the marine carbon cycle.

2. Has doing research impacted your future career decisions?

Being able to do research has helped me to decide that being in a laboratory and working on a project with my peers is definitely the direction I would like to go. I’m not certain if it will be in this area of research, but my time spent here has been invaluable in helping to decide that I want to be a research scientist.

3. What was the most amazing experience or event that happened while you were conducting your research?

The first time I got usable data. My PI Rebecca Case used some of the figures I had made in her presentation at a conference. She got some very positive and exciting feedback from others present.

4. Why do you think more undergrads should get involved in research?

It’s important for helping you decide if the research aspect of a science degree is right for you. I think a lot of undergrads go to graduate school without ever having done research before and end up hating it. It allows you to test out whether being in a lab is what you enjoy, or if you should pursue a different career path.


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