Check Out Mitch Belot: Alberta’s New Blues/Rock Artist | By Cheryl Vandergraaf

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Mitch Belot sits down with me on a sunny Sunday afternoon to discuss his new studio album, The Mitch Belot EP (Extended Play). An easy-going and sociable guy, Belot is excited to talk about his first CD release, which he hopes will be one of many. “With a bluesy/rock feel, my songs are stories (true and fiction) that I have written myself and performed in multiple venues in and around Calgary and Edmonton” says Belot. Starting to play the guitar at the age of 15 and voice lessons at 16, Belot’s resume also includes many years of performing as an actor in musical theatre. He continues to expand his style and talent, as seen during his performance in Churchill Square at the Taste of Edmonton festival this past summer.

Encouraged by his cousin Connor Willumsen (who designed the cover for Belot’s CD) and supported by family friend Ben Nixon, a musician and sound engineer, Belot has been inspired to follow his heart and has learned that life experiences can enrich his music in a way he would never have imagined.

The five songs that compose Belot’s first CD carry a scruffy blues style with relatable lyrics and acoustic support. Each level was recorded in one long take, and then layered over other instruments to create an authentic feel with minimum filtering and editing. Belot hopes that the songs will show a musical artist who believes that with persistence and a passion, one can achieve whatever one aspires to do.

Looking ahead, Belot’s ultimate musical goal is to be able to play music for a living. As a personal goal, he wishes to remain genuine to himself and his music, and to always remember that everything happens for a reason. When asked if his music is made to please others or himself, Belot replies, “When creating or performing, you should weigh your own opinion as 75%, and pleasing others at 25%. You can’t completely change yourself to please others, because then you won’t be pleased with yourself.” Come September, Belot will be starting a four-year music program at elite Humber College in Toronto, where he hopes to eventually form a group that collaborates together creating music with a fuller taste and wider instrumental range. Belot is excited to attend college and learn from experienced artists in the field, and as of now, it looks like Belot has propelled himself into a promising musical career.

The Mitch Belot EP will be released on August 15th, and his music can be found on iTunes. Check out his music and upcoming gigs at, follow him on twitter at, or see his website: He appreciates your support, and I know you’ll appreciate his talent!

Photo courtesy of Shawn Wager Photography

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