China Sends Pandas to Canada, but Pandas Like Home the Most | The Wanderer Sports

Several months ago, rumours swirled that China would send honorary Pandas to Canada, representing positive trade ties between both countries. Pandas are a special type of animal, and it’s clear that they’re constantly on the go – in planes, on the road, making their way to different zoos. Well, the Pandas soccer team is no different; to start the season, their road map has been Edmonton-Victoria-Fraser Valley-Edmonton-Calgary-Lethbridge-Edmonton. This weekend, the team’s here to stay. Foote Field is the location for their Saturday game, 12 pm.

Mount Royal gets to travel to Edmonton, knowing full well the result to come. The Cougars winning at Foote is like a Canadian-born Chinese translator getting a job in China – it doesn’t really happen. Rumor has it that Calvin the Cougar won’t even make it out to Edmonton; he took a detour and drove all the way to Jasper for the weekend. He’s currently seeing the mascot from the Lethbridge Pronghorns. (The relationship seems to thrive on mutual hatred toward Pandas.)

With all of this considered, here are three major story lines for the game:

– Do the Pandas win 4, 5 or 6-0?

– How many fans leave Foote Field with a tan only on the left side of their face (trust me, it can happen)

– Does Kayla Michaels score another 3 goals and keep player of the week to herself?

Our prediction is 5-0, 5 fans and yes.

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