Cian Hackett: empowering 6000+

How often can a student claim to have helped build an organization for 6000 of his or her peers? Cian is a part of this select group, as one of the founders and eventual presidents of the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society (ISSS), an organization that he spearheaded in 2012. Cian is easily among the most brilliant and effective leaders on campus, incredibly well-spoken, analytical and able to look two or three steps down the road.

In 2012, Cian served as President of the ISSS, in a year that played a significant role in its sustainability as a student association. One year earlier, Cian teamed up with fellow Top 100 member Dustin Chelen and several other executives in building the ISSS. Thus, 2012 marked a turning point for the association: either it would continued its upward progress or be hindered by bumps in the road. Cian ensured that the ISSS did the latter, and it is now among the university’s most vibrant student associations, with a large team of volunteers and directors.

Now in medicine, Cian will become a doctor in several years, where he will no doubt contribute to the profession in profound ways. Cian’s energy rubs off on others, influencing his peers to step up their game and bring their very best to whatever it is that they are doing. With several challenges facing the medical profession both provincially and nationally, they are fortunate to have Cian moving up the ranks.

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