Coach Guarantees National Championship, Pressure Magnifies by Factor of Ten | The Wanderer Sports

The Golden Bears varsity basketball team now has no choice but to win a CIS National Championship; their head coach guaranteed it last night. In last year’s season, the Bears came one win away from Canadian glory, but ran up against a godly Carleton team in the finals. This year, the two sides might meet again, but Bears coach Barnaby Craddock now HAS to win. Lose and his job is cooked (well, maybe not… but still).

According to the Bears and Pandas Twitter feed, the comments were made “light-heartedly.” In other words, Craddock was a bit less forward in his guarantee than Carolina Panthers player Ryan Kalil, who did this.

We’ll provide CRADDOCK-WATCH updates throughout the season, gathering comments on the guarantee from Craddock, his players and the fans. That’s guaranteed.

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