Colin Champagne: CSJ’s power source

The Campus Saint-Jean culture is unlike those of the vast majority of U of A faculties. Tight-knit, energetic and of course, Francophone, CSJ student leaders must be active, significantly engaged in their communities and dedicated to the French language. Colin is all of these traits, an easy-going leader with mental acuity and a tremendous level of energy. He’s not only a standout student, but a well-regarded leader both at CSJ and across the City of Edmonton.

While not studying Sciences Politiques at CSJ, Colin is a councillor for the Association des Universitaires de la Faculte Saint-Jean, the representative of 700+ CSJ students within the wider U of A Students’ Council, an executive within both Francophonie jeunesse de l’Alberta and the annual Parlement jeunesse de l’Alberta. Rarely is Colin not present at a CSJ student activity, whether it’s a weekly Bistro, Centurions hockey game or heritage hockey classic.

Canada is in need of excellent bilingual leaders, and Colin easily shortens this gap. Already a star at CSJ, it’s exciting to see how he’ll continue to shape both Alberta and Canadian communities in the years to come.

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  • Josée Verreault

    Bravo Colin! Nous sommes tous très fiers de toi au Centre-Est!