Comedy in Edmonton Shines Tomorrow Night at the U of A | The Wanderer Culture

March is just about here, and most of us are pretty exhausted. Edmontonians are in the it’s not quite spring but we’re getting there lull, whereas university students are back into their studies after reading break. Chances are, most readers are stressed and in need of some relaxation. For many, coffee is the solution. For others, a good book does the trick. But we all know excessive amounts of coffee is bad for the health, and that returning from a tiring day at the office can make the idea of focusing on fine print a tad overwhelming.

Fortunately, the University of Alberta Students’ Union presents a solution. His name is Kelly Taylor.

On Wednesday February 27, Kelly Taylor’s taking the stage as part of the ongoing Dinwoodie Comedy Night within the U of A Students’ Union Building. Kelly, who calls himself “Saskatchewan’s second best export after wheat,” has performed all over, from that dusty club you’re scared of entering, to working with Jimmy Kimmel and even finishing an impressive second in the prestigious Just for Laughs Homegrown competition.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased on campus in SUB 2-900, or for $10 at the door. Dinwoodie opens at 7 pm and the show begins at 8 pm. Head here for more details and we hope to see you out tomorrow night for some much-needed laughs.

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