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On July 23, we posted our second edition of Council CliffsNotes, intended for today’s July 24 meeting of Students’ Council. Now that you have a recap of the SU executives’ reports and recent work, we’re adding something else: three questions worth posing to SU executives (and the Board of Governors rep) during today’s question period.

In addition to the questions below, The Wand has outlined several questions relevant to the significant and sudden changes to Lister residences. They can be seen here.

Question to BOG: In his July 10th report to council, the Board of Governor’s representative mentioned researching into ethics of University of Alberta investments, and holding them to a high standard. What objective standards would the Governor feel are appropriate for the University’s investment practices, and is the Governor aware of any investments he finds questionable?

Question to VPOF: A new set of insulating air curtains were recently installed at the east entrance of the SUB. What was the cost of this installation, and what are the expected benefits in terms of both comfort and energy efficiency?

Question to VPA: The mandate of the Faculty Association Task Force appears to be to discuss challenges and to make recommendations in order to assist Faculty Associations. SU Bylaw 8100 currently states that the role of the Council of Faculty Associations is to foster communication and to advise – a nearly identical mandate. Why is this additional task force required, where a minority of seats will be held by the students who are directly involved with their Faculty Associations, and what input did the Council of Faculty Associations have in the development of this task force?

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