Udacity and Thrun Coming to the University of Alberta | The Wanderer Online

The University of Alberta will see Udacity, one of the world’s prominent education start-ups, come to campus on September 21. Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford professor and founder of Udacity, will be speaking at the University of Alberta. In case you don’t know, Thrun is a Google VP and co-creator of the Google self-driving car. Fast Company Magazine considers him one of the most creative people in the world, which is really not surprising, when one considers the many things that he has accomplished.

Udacity is a private education start-up, which has to this point offered twelve active courses, in the realm of computer programming. The fact that Thrun and Udacity are coming to speak at the U of A suggests that the university is looking to move forward in the realm of open access education.

In a September 11 article, The Wanderer Online’s Emerson Csorba writes about the need for the university to enter the open access movement. One day later, SU Vice President (Academic) Dustin Chelen published a tweet suggesting that the university would soon make an announcement about Coursera and Udacity. Michael Ross also writes about the value of open access education in the twenty-first century.

Thank you to our reader “Joel” for catching a mistake in the article (we originally wrote that Thrun’s speech was on the 23rd, but it is on the 21st).

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