Courtney Buhler: Founder and CEO, Lash Affair Inc.

Courtney began her entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 19. After getting her lashes extended for the first time, and realizing how huge of a difference it made for her own confidence, Courtney decided to take her specialized lash education courses and open her own business, focusing on the highest available product and lash services for her area. Within 3 years, that small part-time business had grown into a 6-person operation out of her home! It was clearly time for a change, and Lash Affair’s first commercial location was opened in October 2012.

Since then, Courtney has continued to stay committed to the same quality and luxury lash services; constantly adding more to her lounge’s service menu, and taking her skills to the next level with cutting edge education for herself and her staff. In 24 months of operation, the company has continued to grow in size (with 7 full-time lash technicians) and has become the largest ‘lashes-only’ lounge in Alberta. Courtney has now expanded her expertise more with her new company SugarLash Inc. – focusing on lash education across North America and high-end product distribution.

Courtney continues to set the bar higher and raise awareness for the lash industry through her business endeavours, and is committed to helping her staff at Lash Affair, and lash technicians across North America reach their full potential and succeed in a thriving industry. Lash Affair currently has 10,000 Facebook fans, making it the most widely followed (single location) lash lounge, worldwide!



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  • Christie Vevoda

    Way to go, Courtney! Nice to see good things happening in our industry. You should truly be proud of your accomplishments. <3

  • Jean davidson sande

    Great job!!! Love Love seeing Canadians success stories!