Craddock Watch: 3-1 vs. 3-1 | The Wanderer Sports

Back during the summer of 2012, Golden Bears basketball coach Barnaby Craddock tweeted that his team will win CIS Nationals this season. We’ve since covered the team’s results in our very own “Craddock Watch.” Here’s our current update of the watch. 

Last week, the Golden Bears beat Calgary, and then LOST TO THE TEAM IN THE NEXT GAME. No kidding here. So the squad is 3-1, with Lethbridge coming to town on November 16-17 (today) for the doubleheader. Lethbridge is [gasp] also 3-1. But this is Lethbridge, people. Today’s test will significantly influence our next edition of Craddock Watch; 5-1 is a much better record for a potential CIS champion than 3-3 or 4-2. But then again, you always need to remember UQTR and Cape Breton. In case you didn’t follow our CIS soccer coverage, these two teams – the first from Quebec and the second from the Maritimes – sucked during the regular season, and then came together for CIS Nationals.

Tip-off for the Golden Bears is at 8 pm, following the 6 pm Pandas-Lethbridge game.

(By the way, the dog in the picture is Craddock the Watchdog.)

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