Craddock Watch: At 5-1, the Hunt is Still Alive After Bears Devour Pronghorns | The Wanderer Sports

Back during the summer, Bears basketball coach Barnaby Craddock issued a guarantee at some team awards dinner: his squad will win the CIS title in 2012. Keeping the guarantee in mind, The Wanderer maintains a weekly Bears basketball watchdog blog, entitled Craddock Watch. Enjoy. 

Going into the weekend, both Lethbridge and the U of A men’s hoops teams sat at identical 3-1 records. That was surprising, because we’re talking about Lethbridge – LETHBRIDGE. However, it turned out that the Pronghorns were child’s play for the Golden Bears, with the home team prevailing 80-58 and 84-58. In game one, the score was nearly equal at half, but from the beginning of the second half to the end of game two, the Bears suddenly got hot from three-point land, sort of like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in NCAA Div One basketball. Or Daniel Gibson dropping threes back in the Lebron James Cavaliers days. The Pronghorns, like the frail animals they are, crawled into a dark little hiding space somewhere in the GO Centre, and slowly watched the clock tick away on two lopsided Golden Bears wins. The drive back to Lethbridge must not have been that good, considering the pair of losses and 3-3 record.

In terms of Craddock Watch, this is the highest the Golden Bears have been this year. With a 5-1 record, they sit atop Canada West with UBC and Victoria, two other teams in the hunt for a CIS title. Oh, and now those teams travel to Edmonton for the upcoming weekend of games. Things are getting interesting…

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