Current. Inspired. Yours.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you, our readers, back to The Wanderer Online. Several months of tireless work from our Editorial team; writers, editors, photographers, and designers have lead to this moment. We have a new website, a new team, and we’re back with new perspective.

In the coming months you will get to know our Editors through their leadership and their writing. Having spent this summer getting to know them personally and professionally, I am in awe of the combined creativity and talent of each and every member of the Wanderer’s diverse 2014/2015 team.

Our Associate Editors Erica Woolf and Andrew Jeffrey are a force to be reckoned with and will be working to support our Editors and help oversee our vision. Our Design Editor Janelle Holod spends her spare time perfecting recipes and creating book covers, while our Photography Editor Antony Ta captures the angles that make this city unique. Our Site Manager, webmaster Hamman Samuel, volunteers his time and exceptional talent to ensure our team has a site to work with and our Communication Editor Elliot Rose interviews with skills that rival those of the television greats. Our Business Editor Nisha Patel has one foot firmly planted in the political world, and one in the business world, our Culture Editor Mahsa Toghrai has spectacular and unexpected insight in topics like feminism and pop culture, and our Culture Coordinator Tylar Hamblett has an insatiable curiosity and love for arts. Our Politics Editor Cassie Boschmann is excited to explore the conventional and the not-so-conventional places we consider “political”, our Education Editor Nikita is committed to unearthing what education means to us, and our Sports Editor, Josh Connauton, has a passion for athletics that rivals an entire cheering stadium. Finally, our hysterical and philosophical Insight Editor, Tyler Hein, is equally committed to serious and humorous expression at The Wanderer. Each of these Editors bring a unique outlook which will give depth to this magazine, making it better than ever before.

The core team is made up of current University students, recent graduates, and Grant Macewan alumni with specializations that range from business, to literature, to philosophy, to politics, to marketing. Our ideologies, personalities, and aspirations differ vastly, but from in these differences we have found inspiration. We are committed to supporting new writers, and building a space where students and community members, seasoned journalists and first time writers alike feel welcomed, to spark community-wide discussions.

The Gateway, Glass Buffalo, Lazy Faire, Avenue, WHERE, Flurt, and The Journal. Those are just a few titles that show how rich and diverse our media landscape is today, and we are incredibly proud to share that space. Each different publication you explore, whether it be in your hands or on your screen, occupies a unique niche, and we at The Wanderer are doing our best to discover and create the best possible experience for our audience, writers, and editors. We will bring you up to speed with what is most current. We will challenge ourselves to be inspired and in turn be a source of inspiration. We want you to know that The Wanderer isn’t ours, it’s yours.

We are so excited to be back, making you laugh, making you think, and starting conversation. Welcome to the second generation of The Wanderer. Current. Inspired. Yours.

Blue Knox | Editor-in-Chief

Photograph courtesy of Wanderer Online photographer Benjamin Sim

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  • Jared Zamzow

    Very cool Blue, can’t wait to read more! Go Team Wanderer!

  • Glad to see you’re back! Welcome.