Dermatologists Give Tips for Shiny Hair | By Sydney Rudko

I have to admit, something has been awry for the last few weeks. Perfect strangers have been approaching me on busses and on the street complimenting me on my shiny hair. They invariably then ask, “How do you get your hair so shiny?” Because I have never keenly observed another person’s hair washing technique, I can’t really say if there is anything out of the ordinary that I do.

Therefore, when I saw this series of recommendations from the Academy of Dermatology, I felt the need to share it for those individuals who are fans of my hair. Dermatologist Zoe D. Draelos recommends concentrating on washing your hair at the scalp (I do this, though, only because I have a lot of hair and shampoo isn’t exactly cheap). This is because washing your entire hair dulls the surface. Draelos and her team suggests that washing your hair should be based upon the oiliness of your scalp. More washes for oily scalps, less for dry scalps. Moreover, they recommend always using conditioner! It increases shine, improves strength, and offers some UV protection!

Actually listen to those labels on the bottle that say “For Thin Hair” or “For Colour Treated Hair.” I always thought that was a marketing technique, but apparently not! And lastly, it is outdoor pool season and you should protect your hair when swimming! Chlorine is as unpleasant for your skin as it is for your hair. Because of this, I always condition religiously when visiting my neighbourhood watering hole. With these tips your hair is sure to blind all passers-by with its incredible shine!

To further your journey toward smooth and silky hair, take a look at

Sydney Rudko is a fourth year Infection and Immunity student interested in sharing all things science with interested people!

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  • Alex

    Now I’m compelled to take notice of those luscious locks next time I run into you. And maybe cultivate some of my own.

  • Danny

    You do have very nice/shiny hair (I have talked to you about this before).