Desiree Liley: Owner, The Beauty Parlour

Desiree has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years doing hair and working in salons around Edmonton. After eight years experience, she was ready to create her own salon. Due to her consideration for the planet and her own well being, the Beauty Parlour was born. Desiree leads a team of 7 stylists as well as a manager, receptionists and hair assistants, who all have the same idea: to save the planet, one head at a time. When she is isn’t at the salon she is at home with her lovely family, her husband Dylan, daughter Marigold and new arrival, Fredrick. Old Strathcona area is where she works, lives and plays.

The Beauty Parlour was not just going to be another salon; Des had ideas to do something different. A clean air salon was born as well as a philosophy that they will provide healthy hair care with a low impact on the environment. Being one of the first salons in Edmonton to use ammonia free hair color, it is now evolving, with a PPD-free hair color line coming this fall. This is a huge step in the hair color world. A clean air salon means color is virtually odorless, with little damage done to the environment.

Over the past 5 years The Beauty Parlour has become a well-known name around Edmonton, especially in the Old Strathcona area (Whyte ave). It has been in the top 5 salons on Yelp for many years and is usually number one on the list. Starting with just three stylists, it now has 7 full time stylist as well as other members of the team to keep everything running smooth. As most Salons have high turnovers in employment and are usually only estimated to open past two years, Des has clearly done something right. The salon was recently featured in Flare magazine as one of the Top 5 salons in Canada doing something different, being noted for its reused and repurposed decor, and environmentally conscience hair care.


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  • KevinHR

    Congrats Desiree! From everyone at Est-elle we are very proud of all of your accomplishments!

  • Kirsten

    Way to go Des! So proud to work for/with you at the best salon ever!!!

  • Carole Stoyand

    Wonderful news, Desi. I always knew you would stand out from the crowd and make a difference!

  • Reanne

    Congrats to an amazing women!