Dustin Chelen: brain of the Students’ Union

Nobody will ever know or acknowledge everything that Dustin has done in his representative roles in 2012, but there’s no question that he has humbly improved the undergraduate experience of tens of thousands of students while mentoring and encouraging those around him.

A few years ago, he founded the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society, an organization which replaced two successive faculty associations that failed to represent undergraduate science students.  Few people can claim that they have made tangible changes to every single student’s university career. Dustin can. One of his passions is assessment and grading policy, the wording of which changed in 2012 to clarify that the use of a grading curve was not mandatory, one of the results of his long-term work on the issue.

As the current Students’ Union Vice President (Academic), he continues to advocate for a more transparent grading policy, lower textbook prices, and many more student issues.  Another success stemming from his office in 2012 was the extension of the withdrawal deadline starting in Fall 2013.  His days are spent going from one committee meeting to the next, lending a strong student perspective to the selection of top university officials, academic policy and other university affairs.

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