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The last week has been quite up-and-down, with the shooting in Aurora, Colorado putting a damper to much of the news on the internet. The Wanderer Online has compiled another short list of articles from various blogs and newspapers across the web, as well as several videos that we hope you enjoy! Take a look, please tell us what you think, and when you come across a video that you believe needs to be shared, post it in the comments section below! We might just feature it in our next edition of of I Wander.


On July 20, a masked shooter killed twelve people at an Aurora, Colorado opening of the Batman Dark Knight premier. The news is saddening, to say the least, and shows just how fragile life can be. One of the victims was Jessica Ghawi, an eloquent young writer that had moved to Colorado in order to cover Colorado Avalanche hockey games. On June 2 2012, she was in Toronto, and left Eaton Center several minutes before a gunman started to shoot in the main cafeteria. The National Post wrote a story on Jessica, and below it, you will find a copy of her blog post, written following the Toronto shooting. It is a heart-breaking read, but it provides readers with an incredible lesson: live every day to the fullest, because we literally do not know when it might end. You can read the story here.


If you haven’t checked out the THNKR page on YouTube, then we highly-recommend that you do. The videos on the page encourage you to think in new ways, but they are also entertaining and infused with a strong dose of style. In their new “Prodigies” section, which showcases young up-and-comers from sports to university studies, Race Imboden is one of the featured individuals. Why? Well, he is a 19-year-old Olympian with a chance at taking gold in fencing. Through this short video, you get to know Race, learning about his work ethic and family life. But one thing that stands out is his street style; from wavy red hair to grey v-necks, Race will take a casual and sleek look to the streets of London. Not that London is lacking in fashion…


Another creative and energizing video is one funded by the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. The Willie Nelson rendition of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” immediately captured my attention, but it is the Pixar-esque animation and meaningful message behind the video that truly stands out.

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