Edmontonians Energize the City on Community League Day | By Emerson Csorba

On September 15, the annual Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues’ Community League Day took place, creating a buzz all across the city. Interestingly, Edmonton features one of North America’s most robust community league systems, and Saturday put that on show. From Garneau to Belvedere, Grandview to Grovenor, the Community League Day was by all accounts a success, bringing out both adults and children.

Indeed, it’s vital to see Edmontonians become involved in their community leagues from an early age, even if it’s a child playing in a bouncy castle or taking a winter skate around the local rink. These children eventually grow into the men and women that keep the leagues running and in turn, neighbourhoods alive and vibrant.

Edmontonians from a wide variety of community leagues posted feverishly on Twitter, and we’ve provided you with a quick rundown of what was popular:

Riverbend flexed its arts muscles

Dubstep is big, but we never knew it’s a family thing!

MLA Steve Young was out and about throughout the day

City Councillor Don Iveson sums it all up in this tweet


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