Edmonton’s Weekly Mega-Events List: Literally All You Need to Know | The Wanderer Events

Edmonton has so much happening nowadays that it’s basically impossible to keep up. Thankfully, a variety of organizations across YEG provide lists about the latest parties and get-togethers across the city. However, there are tons of these lists, and depending on the person behind the computer screen, they can look lot different.

So, The Wanderer is making its own mega-list, which is basically an article jam-packed with hyperlinks to several websites. Here we go:

The Local Good’s community events list.

Avenue Magazine’s events list.

Edmonton Journal10 things to do this week

City and Dale’s “Edmonton Weekend Guide.”

Of course Edmonton NextGen, which has a lot on the go for Edmonton’s official NextGen month!

PLUS, this week is TEDx EDMONTON! Check it out here.

CC photograph courtesy of the City of Edmonton

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