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We had quite the news cycle yesterday. With Mark Carney jumping (on a) ship and heading to England, three by-elections and Toronto’s Rob Ford being dismissed, it was probably one of the most interesting domestic news days this year. Now that the dust has settled, let’s briefly recap everything.

The bumbling, ”how-did-he-get-elected” Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has been dismissed from office and barred from running in a by-election to replace him. The case that forced this move was due to a conflict of interest, wherein he was exerting what the courts ruled to be undue influence in soliciting donations for his football team. This issue alone probably wouldn’t have been enough to unseat him had he not already been subjected to immense scrutiny for a plethora of other incredibly stupid decisions, remarks and actions. If you’re up for a laugh, vice.com has put together a great selection of Mayor Ford’s greatest moments. He still has the option to appeal, which seems more likely now that he has been barred from running again until 2014.

Three ridings in Canada had by-elections yesterday, and while the victors weren’t particularly surprising, some of the margins were.  In Victoria, the NDP Candidate Murray Rankin won. However, the Green candidate picked up substantial momentum, and the party realized about a 23% increase in their share of the popular vote. Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, has been a tireless advocate for the party and the province, and perhaps this is beginning to translate into an increase in popularity in British Columbia. In Durham, the Conservative candidate, Erin O’Toole, easily won. He was a strong candidate, with military experience as well as being the co-founder of a charity to support veterans. The real race to watch was Calgary Centre. The Conservative candidate, Joan Crockatt was absent for much of the race and faced stiff competition from both the Liberal candidate, Harvey Locke and the Green candidate, Chris Turner. The latter two both ran tremendously strong campaigns, and the data from last night reflects that.  The Conservative’s share of the popular vote dropped over 20%, while the Liberals picked up 15% and the Greens jumped close to 15%. This result was largely unexpected at the beginning of the campaign and will certainly give Conservative strategists something to mull over before the next election. Whether it was discontent with the candidate or the party is difficult to discern, but this may signal the traditionally-safe city will be a battle in the next general election.

Finally, the news that made me weep most of the day: Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada, has accepted a new job as Governor of the Bank of England. Mr. Carney garnered admiration from many of his peers for his handling of the economic crisis and his departure is sad news for Canada. He was one of the few people in the public eye that anyone actually trusted and his willingness to speak out against continued bailouts for organizations was indicative of both his character and his ambition to actually change things. (It was also around this time my man-crush developed.) He was expected by a number of people to eventually seek office in Canada; although it is too early to completely write that dream off, it will be put on hold for a few years. When he heads to London, Carney will be faced with a difficult job as he attempts to steer England back from the brink. The Bank of England also has a number of new responsibilities that he will have to properly integrate and regulate. While his appointment is certainly Canada’s loss, it speaks volumes about the job he has done in this country. So good a job, in fact, that he will become the first non-British Governor in the bank’s history, solidifying his reputation as the best.

Unfortunately for Mark Carney, the notoriously carnivorous British papers have already sunk their teeth into his wife, Diana Carney. The Telegraph published an article yesterday describing Diana Carney, an Oxford educated economist, as “an eco-warrior who says banks are rotten”. Her blog, ecoproductsthatwork.com, does make revolutionary claims like reducing consumption to sustainable levels is something we should be concerned about and aims to stop people from wasting money. Heaven forbid. Worse yet, she makes the claim that “the Occupy movement has provided a voice to many unhappy people”. How dare she make such an obviously true assertion! It’s almost like she thinks there is something wrong with society and people should address it and attempt to rectify it. Crazy. What was Mark thinking marrying her?

Come on England, you’ve stolen our best, don’t trash them.


Dave is a student of Economics and Political Science and is currently curled up and weeping about Carney’s departure. 

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