Eric Lamarre: grace and style in leadership

Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ) is among the most tight-knit and multicultural faculties at the University of Alberta, if not the most. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that out of the 800 or so students in the faculty, there are several talented student leaders. Here, Eric Lamarre is very much in a league of his own. Lively, charismatic and intellectually sharp, Eric injects energy into his peers, whether it’s on the hockey rink with the Centurions or as the recent President of the Associaton des Universitaires de la Faculty Saint-Jean.

In 2012, Eric led AUFSJ and did so with style. Whether he was putting together la Fete de la Francophonie, chairing his council meetings or promoting the French language across campus, Eric is an ambassador for Edmonton’s Francophone community, playing an integral role at CSJ. His presidency set a high standard for his peers, taking student governance at CSJ to an impressive level.

What really stands out with Eric, however, is that he transitions so well between different environments. Whether it’s relaxing in the student lounge at CSJ, putting together a CSJ-based heritage hockey classic or performing with his band at a talent show, Eric is a multitalented leader that makes everything look… easy.

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