Eric Martin: LHSA’s steady leader

The summer of 2012 threw a sharp breaking curveball toward Eric Martin, the Lister Hall Students’ Association President at the time. Along with several other student leaders, the changes made to Lister Residence led to several months of unexpected work and increased stress levels. Eric, however, maintained an equanimity throughout the ordeal that allowed him to see above the issue and complete an excellent year as the association’s president.

This year, Eric has successfully found an equilibrium between LHSA advocacy regarding Lister, attending dodgeball events, participating in a variety of charities and working his team through changes made to the floor coordinator and residence assistance structures. Always sharp and on his toes, Eric demonstrated a leadership that was absolutely critical in 2012.

Eric is calm and composed, with a disposition that allows him to thrive under pressure. There is little debate that 2012 was one of the most heated years in student government, but Eric’s mental fortitude ensured that students were well-represented in this area. One of the truly inspirational student leaders at the U of A, Eric made the most out of an unpredictable 2012, earning the respect of Lister residents and the larger community.

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