Eric Martin: building iCare across Canada

Eric Martin is a nursing student in his second year of the two-year after-degree nursing program. He has been instrumental in co-founding the iCare Initiative University of Alberta (ICIUA), and is the current co-President of this organization. He has been involved with ICIUA since its inception, volunteering in various capacities for this organization. Under his leadership, the organization has grown from an initial 10 members, to currently having over 200 members. With an obvious talent in recruitment, Eric knows how to inspire others to join in with his vision and work toward a common goal.

Through this initiative, children in inner city schools are screened for vision issues, to reduce the incidence of common, preventable health issues, and promote health education. He recently won the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association’s Award for Community Education and Promotion, being recognized on a national level for his work with the ICIUA program. In addition to his work on the national level, Eric is an active council member of the Nursing Undergraduate Association (NUA), and the Health Science Students’ Association. He is one of the few After-Degree Nursing students to show constant dedication and commitment to his faculty association, due to the intensity of this program. He is a true leader in promoting interdisciplinary health education and collaboration.

Because of Eric, nursing has improved both within Edmonton and in Canada as a whole. In a year where the University of Alberta needed steady leadership from the NUA, Eric provided it, which has positively shaped the lives of hundreds of students.

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  • Buyinza Godffrey

    Eric Martin thank you for the grate your doing. Nursing is a noble proffession and therefore we need to train grate Nurse Leaders.
    Remember all over the world Nurses occupy the largest % of health service delivery.
    Thanks for transforming Nursing in Canada