Evan Worman: Safewalk standout

In 2012, Evan Worman took over as Director of Safewalk, a demanding role that requires consistent coordination of volunteers every night of the school week. In most years, Safewalk must respond to belligerent and suspicious individuals on campus, which not surprisingly occurs throughout the night. However, the summer of 2012 tested Safewalk like nothing before.

In June 2012, an armed robber shot and killed three individuals on the University of Alberta campus, in the HUB Mall Residence. Safewalk was forced to respond quickly to this horrible incident, and being the Director, Evan naturally faced a test of leadership. In hindsight, Evan showed tremendous courage during that month, and can now look back on a term as Director that was simply outstanding. Confident, well-spoken and a reassuring presence, Evan came through when his SU service needed it most, which shows how important student services are within the University of Alberta community.

Evan is a true leader: humble, capable of empowering his peers and succeeding when significant obstacles are placed in his way. With this in mind, he is a strong addition to the Top 100 and a key member of the U of A community.

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  • Santos

    ¬°WOOO EVAN!

  • dad

    proud of ya son,, damn proud,

  • Spoderman

    evan is der best