Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: July 3, 2013

An affordable housing project is being proposed for the Terwillegar area in Edmonton. Despite the fact that the Jasper Place Health and Wellness Centre – who are proposing the project – are assuring Edmonton residents will be screened and the project is safe for the neighborhoo, there are concerns. For instance, some residents and City councillors expressed their discontent to CBC news.

As Edmontonians are well aware, the city is experiencing a week of extraordinarily warm weather. What better way to embrace the rising mercury than to take a dip in one of Edmonton’s many outdoor pools, which the City of Edmonton fittingly reminded Edmontonians of yesterday.

We close the news summary for July third with a terrible story which has being the primary preoccupation of most media sources and many Edmontonians over the past twenty-four hours. As temperatures reached record highs on Tuesday, a young child was hospitalized after being left in a vehicle in the Edmonton heat. The temperature, when factoring in humidity, was near forty degrees Celsius and sadly, on Wednesday morning, it was announced that the child did not survive. Police are currently investigating the tragedy as the family and community mourns the death.

Photograph courtesy of Jeff_Werner on Flickr


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