Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: June 12

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Edmonton got its first taste of summer’s severe weather season yesterday – in a big way. Despite a rather dreary and wet morning, intense thunderstorms quickly developed in the early afternoon, and due to a perfect mixture of atmospheric conditions, began to rotate. The intense rotation of the storm – which could result in the formation of a tornado at any moment – prompted Environment Canada to issue a tornado warning for the City of Edmonton and many surrounding areas for about an hour, sending Edmontonians scrambling to find shelter. While the storm system did not produce a tornado within city limits, at least one tornado was reported at Pigeon Lake (or more accurately, on Pigeon Lake), and heavy rains caused some roadway flooding across the city. Check out the Edmonton Journal‘s gallery of storm photos here.

Image of the Pigeon Lake tornado/waterspout:


The University of Alberta’s Emergency Notification System was activated because of the storm, however, many students have noted that the alert came long after the warning had initially been issued.

In non-tornado news, former City Councillor Mike Nickel has announced his candidacy for the Ward 11 seat, vacated by Councillor Kerry Diotte due to his run for Mayor. Nickel served on Council between 2004 and 2007, and became known for his fiscal conservatism. Nickel was defeated in the 2007 election by Don Iveson, who has yet to annouce his plans for the October election.

In provincial news, Health Minister Fred Horne announced the termination of the entire Alberta Health Services Board after they refused to turn down $3.2 million in executive bonuses against the government’s wishes. The fired board members will receive no severance pay, and a temporary administrator, Janet Davidson, was appointed. Concerns have been raised over what impact such a massive structural change will have on Alberta’s healthcare system, while others have applauded the government’s decision to push back against executive compensation within AHS during tough fiscal times.

Image of hail in my backyard, June 12th, 2013.

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