Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: June 13

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June 13 was a wonderful day in Edmonton, with such a wide variety of events taking place across the city. The obvious event, perhaps, was Edmonton NextGeneration’s Pecha Kucha Sweet 16 at the Citadel Theatre. In a well-attended and inspirational evening, ten Edmontonians spoke about a range of ideas and projects. As Mack Male indicates in this piece, the entire cast of speakers was impressive. Some of the truly impressive speeches were by Matthew Stepanic, whose wisdom far exceeds his age, and Kuen Tang, who delivered a fantastic conclusion to the night. Mayor Stephen Mandel was also in attendance to declare June 2013 Edmonton NextGen month, delivering a plaque to the event co-chairs. The Edmonton Journal is expected to post video footage of each speech over the course of the next few days.

Not surprisingly, Karen Leibovici announced her candidacy in the 2013 elections for mayor. Her campaign is centered around the colour blue, and it is definitely sleek! In this post, Dave Cournoyer of Daveberta suggests that Leibovici’s attempting to position herself as the common-sense successor to Mayor Mandel. It also seems that Leibovici has a well-funded campaign, considering the quality of her marketing efforts. Video of the Leibovici campaign announcement is here, courtesy of the Edmonton Journal.

Makescape YEG also opened yesterday, and we strongly recommend that Edmontonians head down to the south side of the Stanley A. Milner Edmonton Public Library, and check out the beautiful designs created by M.A.D.E. in Edmonton.

Moreover, David Staples wrote this interesting piece about the “Light the bridge” campaign. Staples notes, for instance, that the river valley is one of Edmonton’s key assets:

The North Saskatchewan River valley is our most beautiful asset, but also our most under-utilized one. If we took full advantage of it, it would be so much easier for people to fall in love with this city. The redevelopment of the downtown section of the river valley into a people place — a spot with a river walk like Winnipeg has, or a seawall like Vancouver, a path right on the water’s edge so you can dip your toes in, as well as a few restaurants to enjoy a beer or a coffee — is essential to Edmonton’s image and its ability to provide enjoyable experiences for masses of people.

And in a heartbreaking piece by Thandi Fletcher, we learn about a very unfortunate incident that took place at Herbert Spencer Elementary. It is a saddening piece, but is certainly worth a read.

After Wednesday’s slightly terrifying weather warnings, certain Edmonton schools received some harsh words from concerned parents who did not believe the situation was handled correctly. Parents have alleged that neither parents nor students were warned about the potentially dangerous weather before students were dismissed, while others saw scenes of chaos when picking children up. While tornados are not a common occurrence for the city, Wednesday’s warning and yesterday’s criticism has created concern surrounding Edmonton school’s policy for dangerous weather circumstances.

Edmonton had it good after the storm, compared to Fort McMurray. Mandatory evacuations in the city have been orderer with the Hangingstone River’s levels continuing to rise. A local state of emergency has also been enacted, and hundreds of residents have been impacted by the flooding and evacuation orders. Residents have banded together however, and local volunteers are being coordinated to help evacuees.

CC photograph courtesy of mastermaq (Mack Male)  on Flickr.

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