Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: June 17, 2013

In what is likely the most shocking news to have hit media outlets in the last decade, the Edmonton Journal’s “Goose Cam” family of geese has finally left the nest and made its way to the pond! Okay, that may have been a joke, but seriously, the whole family is in the water and the goslings are finally hatched! We still aren’t completely certain if this is a joke or if money is honestly being allocated to a camera fixed on a family of geese for Edmontonians’ enjoyment. Admittedly, many of The Wanderer’s writers are likely flipping through the photos the Edmonton Journal has posted so far, in enjoyment. After all, who doesn’t love to gander at a gaggle of geese?

The CBC came out with a story revealing that eight projects, collectively titled “The Spirit of Edmonton” will soon begin construction. The projects are meant to “celebrate the city’s rich aboriginal and trading history.” One of the eight exciting initiatives is a $40 million Indigenous Centre for Art and Knowledge. The Spirit of Edmonton will be a phenomenal way to celebrate aboriginal history and culture with all of Edmonton and showcase how positively they have contributed to the existance and continued growth of this city.

Tragically, on Monday, it was announced that the apartment building fire in Oliver on Sunday evening, resulted in two casualties; a man in his forties and a young girl. Edmonton’s fire chief expressed his saddness to media. Metro reported several of the residents affected by the fire did not have apartment insurance and a spokesperson for Boardwalk Rental Communities, which the apartment belonged to, announced that they were working with Red Cross to ensure residents were taken care of.

CTV news is doing a series on a young eleven-year-old Edmontonian boy who underwent the transition to being a male two years ago with the love and support of his family. Be sure to stay tuned as we get to learn more about this incredible young boy’s journey.

Finally, the night owls in Edmonton who were up past 9:00 pm got to hear a beautiful summer evening storm. Lasting only about an hour, thunder and rain paraded through the city. Good news for those of us who have been experiencing out-of-control allergies as a result of the “puff” floating everywhere from trees in and around Edmonton.

Photograph courtesy of marceloilers on Flickr

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