Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: June 23 and 24

So we might have missed Monday’s recap of the day that was; however, we have two days worth of recaps coming to you this morning. And there’s plenty to discuss. We’ll begin with the Chicago Blackhawks, which emerged victorious in a late surge against the Boston Bruins. Though this is technically not Edmonton news, the Stanley Cup is something that most Canadians keep track of, with Edmontonians being no exception.

Well, the Italians may be an exception, as they focus instead on their country’s performance in the Confederation Cup. And many of Edmonton’s Italians are likely thinking about a new Italian Centre Shop opening on the west end. Kristin Annable of the Edmonton Journal wrote this short piece about Teresa Spinelli’s new venture on 170th street an 90th avenue. Indeed, “Spinelli wants the newest location to retain the charm of the older outlets,” as Annable writes. Considering the success of Spinelli’s current Italian shops, the west-end location will certainly be a hit. 

Though this might not be Edmonton-specific news, here’s a wonderful video shot for the Calgary floods. It is a testament to Albertans’ courage and resilience, which has been on full display in these challenging times.

And here’s another beautiful video.

For the rest of Edmonton’s need-to-know information, check out Mack Male’s Update #81, which is replete with tidbits about recent happenings and events to come. There’s enough in this update to keep one learning about Edmonton for hours, so read through it now!

CC photograph courtesy of Sangudo on Flickr. 

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