Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: June 25 and 26

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Well, physical textbooks might just be making their way out of Alberta. For years, the Learning Resources Centre has purchased textbooks from publishers at a discount, later re-selling them to schools in order to break even. In this commentary, Paula Simons of the Edmonton Journal makes a case for textbooks, which provide a link to the past which is most-likely lost during a transition to e-books. The opinion piece is here, and it is not the only piece of its kind in Canadian newspapers this week. The National Post‘s Andrew Coyne also wrote an article discussing the importance of working with real paper (only Coyne speaks to the importance of cursive writing). Indeed, it is noteworthy that Alberta has taken decisive action in moving to e-learning, dropping textbooks from its repertoire. Seeing how publishers react to this change will be interesting. Pearson, Wiley-Cengage and McGraw-Hill must surely cope with rapidly-transforming business models.

And Edmonton has a new Poet Laureate: Mary Pinkoski! The Edmonton Journal published a short piece (well, a photograph – at least for the time being) following Mayor Stephen Mandel’s announcement. Pinkoski, one of Canada’s leading spoken-word poets, is a wonderful choice for Edmonton Poet Laureate, and we’re excited to see what she brings to the city. To see Pinkoski in action, check out this video:

On June 25, David Staples wrote about the Edmonton Arena’s lead architect, with Scott Ralston being this person. Staples heralds Ralston as a community-builder, and closes the article with the architect’s own words: “We hope to deliver something that the community is proud of. If we’ve done that, then we’ve done our job.” Though the Edmonton Arena politics may be in the past, they will surely surface in weeks and months to come as the Edmonton elections take shape.

 Of course, this is only a portion of the day’s news. If you have more to add, share it in the comments section below! 

CC photograph courtesy of Gord McKenna on Flickr.


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