Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: June 7 and 8

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The last few days have been ones where Edmotonians should be outside, celebrating not only the gorgeous weather, but once-in-a-year events like Pride.

The Edmonton Journal‘s Alex Migdal (a Top 100 winner, by the way!), took in the Pride Parade, and covers it here. The 30,000+ Pride Parade took place throughout June 8, bringing a rare and much-needed energy to Edmonton’s downtown. In The Wanderer‘s piece on Pride, Gina Wicentowich interviews several Pride participants, remarking that “What has made Pride Week able to succeed in its 33rd year is the open atmosphere and backdrop of support around the city.” And in a piece by another Top 100 recipient, Malaika Aleba of Autostraddle shares research out of the University of Melbourne which indicates that same-sex parents actually score above the national (Australian) average in a variety of children’s quality of life indicators. This Melbourne study is only one of many studies with similar results.

However, there is also good reason to be indoors watching the television, if only for several minutes. This is because an Oilers press conference announced the firing of Ralph Krueger, who is now one more body in the revolving door that is the Oilers’ head coach position. Surprise?! Not really. Krueger made a strong impact with the Oilers during the first half of the season, and then saw the team’s performance drop markedly in the latter portion. John MacKinnon covers the Craig MacTavish unilateral decision in this article, showing how the Oilers must fill a (sigh) panoply of gaping holes this off-season. MacKinnon also suggests that Toronto Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins is the new man for the job; however, Paul Maurice, Lindy Ruff and a slew of other big-name coaches may be in the running.

Changing gears slightly, OilersNation writer Robin Brownlee contemplates the MacTavish-fueled off-season, concluding that “We’ll have to wait – likely not long – on all of the above, but for the first time in a long time it’s going to be an interesting off-season. It already is.” Brownlee notes that MacTavish could probably run for mayor and put up a decent fight; however, that is likely out of the question!

In soccer action, FC Edmonton earned yet another red card – the third consecutive game where this has happened. This time, it wasn’t goalkeeper Lance Parker earning the red, but Chris Nurse. The midfielder saw his second yellow in the THIRTY-FIRST MINUTE. Thirty-first? At this point, FC Edmonton must be the talk of the town within the referee community. Somehow, the Eddies remain fairly average in the NASL standings.

Parking ticket machines have been installed as part of a trial run in Edmonton, and the Edmonton Journal snapped a pretty crappy photo of Stephen Mandel as part of the article.

The Brent Rathberger discussion is still ongoing, and both The Wanderer‘s Elizabeth Yu and Dave Cournoyer of Daveberta have chimed in.

CC photograph courtesy of “sahlgoode” on Flickr

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