Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: May 20 2013

Starting today, The Wanderer Online will provide Edmontonians with a daily recap of the last day in news. Our long-form – and sometimes irreverent and witty –  recaps will keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings across the city. Enjoy and stay tuned. 

The “Stony Plain Road Over Groat Road Bridge.” You know where that is? Neither do we. In a thoughtful column by Paula Simons, the Edmonton Journal writer highlights the importance of engaging in conversation about the city’s rich history. At the moment, several local bridges live without names. Edmontonians traverse these bridges, but have little understanding about the men and women behind them. In the case of the long-winded Stony Plain structure, Simons suggests several possible namesakes: Jan Reimer, Max Wyman and Lisette Umfreville, among others. And she makes a great point. Regardless of the individuals selected as namesakes, Edmonton could benefit from a city-wide discussion. Community leagues, students, professors, mums and dads all contribute to these decisions, which creates a sense of ownership within our communities that we can always use more of.

In another Edmonton Journal article, David Staples asserts that Mayor Stephen Mandel will announce an end to his term, later today. Though Staples is among the first journalists to put these thoughts to paper, hundreds of Edmontonians felt months ago that his current term is his last. Mandel has conducted himself admirably throughout his third term, apart from the blunder in kissing CBC journalist Janice Johnston last week. And what a frantic day that was, with Diotte announcing his candidacy, Rob Ford rumours sparking in Toronto, and more.

Keeping with the politics coverage, Dave Cournoyer of Daveberta wrote a piece focusing on the Alberta Government’s re-announced plans for trade offices in Chicago, Singapore and several other cities. Cournoyer stresses the government’s focus on building rhetoric, such as “Building Markets” and “Building Alberta.” This rhetoric presents itself in the political realm through Alison Redford’s numerous trips to the United States, and several of her ministers’ recent trips overseas. These trips would appear to be attempts to build the Alberta brand abroad. You can see the whole piece, here.

For the week that was in arts and culture, PrairieSeen‘s dynamic duo of Chelsey Van Weerden and Tori McNish have you covered with their Media Mondays round-up. We encourage you to check out the 10 or so articles, here.

And in semi-news, The Local Good Edmonton posted its list of must-see events for the week to come. On Thursday night, be sure to check out NERD NITE at the Haven Social Club.

Finally, Mack Male has the week that was covered, in his May 19 Edmonton Notes.

So there we have it. Edition #1 of our “Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton” update. See you tomorrow morning with the second entry. Enjoy the day, YEG. 

CC photograph on Flickr courtesy of Hobolens.

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