Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: May 21 2013

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After months of “Will he? Won’t he?” Mayor Stephen Mandel announced that he would not seek re-election in this coming October. Although this had been speculated for months, the announcement quickly rocked the Edmonton media scene – with various Edmonton tweeps commenting on the legacy of Mayor Mandel. David Staples wrote a column piece that focused on Mandel’s “aggressive and progressive civic leadership” and Mack Male dedicated a piece titled “Under Mayor Mandel’s leadership, Edmonton has thrived.” All in all, yesterday’s announcement kicked off the race for mayorship.

Talking about politics, Dave Cournoyer discussed increased international travels of the Tory Cabinet members and MLAs in his latest article. The post includes a nice interactive map that pinpoints the dates and destinations of the Tory MLA’s since November 2011.

Investigations and mourning are following the deaths of two loved Edmontonians that took place over the long weekend. The first court hearing for the “Patio Crush” took place, and the investigations about the Jeep malfunction continued. You can read this article on Melinda Green, who “blessed everyone she’s touched all her life,” here.

Lastly, the Edmonton Sun’s Linda Hoang wrote a piece detailing the growth of Edmonton’s startup community. Victoria Lennox from Startup Canada is quoted saying, “The rest of Canada is looking at what’s happening in Edmonton as just absolutely phenomenal and all the communities want to emulate what’s happening in Edmonton.” Want to get more engaged in Edmonton’s startup community? Check out Startup Edmontons website.

CC photograph courtesy of Dave Cournoyer on Flickr.

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