Everything You Need to Know About Edmonton: May 26 2013

Lance Parker was sent off for a controversial red card, and the Eddies (FC Edmonton) soccer club fell to lowly Fort Lauderdale in a winnable match. As June nears, the Edmonton professional sports scene is quiet: the Oilers and Oil Kings are in hibernation, the Bears and Pandas don’t play until September, and the Eskimos’ season has yet to arrive. However, FC Edmonton provides a remedy to all of this. Though the team has posted a decent campaign thus far in 2013, the Sunday loss is a drawback that they must now overcome. (For an interview with Parker, a recent Avenue Magazine coverboy, go here.)

Team sports were not all that took place on May 26, however. The Edmonton Sun‘s Kevin Maimann recaps the Edmonton Coronation Triathlon, which took place early Sunday morning. Athletes as young as 16 and as old as 71 competed, with over 100 volunteers in attendance. The event may not be as prestigious as the international-level competition that play host to triathletes like Paula Findlay and Simon Whitfield, but it is impressive nonetheless. And while we are on the topic of running, former University of Alberta Bears athlete and Campus Saint-Jean student Maxime Leboeuf timed-in at 2:27 in the Ottawa Marathon, a blazing-fast time that is remarkable even among elite standards. The Edmonton Derby Marathon in August 2013? If he enters this race, Leboeuf will be on pace to win it.

The Edmonton Journal‘s Sheila Pratt wrote an interesting piece about Edmontonian John McDougall, who is now leading the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa. Whether Edmontonians are proud of McDougall, however, is an entirely different question. The NRC has shifted gears, now focusing on applied research primarily in the STEM subjects, rather than on what many call “blue sky” (basic) research. McDougall is dissatisfied with Canada’s lack of competitiveness on the international productivity stage, and feels that clearer research outcomes can help reorient Canada’s position.

Conferences took place across Edmonton this weekend, with the Alberta Student Leadership Conference being one of them. The three-day event is hosted by Scona Composite High School, with over 500 students from Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut in attendance. The Wanderer‘s Emerson Csorba published a piece with a similar high school focus, where he profiles Jaxson Khan and Claire Edwards, two students leading the Student Voice Initiative that is gaining steam across Edmonton and Calgary. The latter of the two, Edwards, is a U of A student and recipient of the prestigious TD Canada Scholarship.

Changing gears, the Words in 3D Conference just came to an end, following a busy three days of panels and workshops between publishers, editors and writers. The Wanderer will reflect on the event, later this week.

Finally, though this is not May 26 news, Avenue Magazine is in the process of compiling its second list of Edmonton’s Best Neighbourhoods. We encourage you to take a peek here, and to see which communities claimed the top ten spots in 2012. The contest is a testament to several recent debates about public architecture led by individuals such as Paula Simons and Mike Royer.

CC photograph courtesy of the City of Edmonton

Note: we originally wrote that Avenue’s first-ever Best Neighbourhoods list was released within the previous month. However, the first list was published in 2012; the second version comes out in the fall of 2013. Keep your eyes peeled for their neighbourhood rankings.

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